Internet is a funny thing, if our parents in their teens were told the web would take the world by storm they would be wondering which spider is the reference to.
A virtual world created by humans lets us know all the real facts around us and the whole universe which would take us more than our lifetime to absorb. Something that is not living brings in a new lease of life when we get a mail, message or ping.
All the facts and fiction can be available on a device, which can be hidden within our palm yet is more powerful than the sword when we utilize it for revenge.
We become friends with people we never met, we find common interests in people living in a different time zone. We are giving a sense of belonging to a friend in a foreign land. A billion dollar industry can be built over it and a business dynasty can be destroyed using it.
Something that does not have shape, appearance or emotions connects people who are unaware of each other’s existence. Now can you say it in not funny?
There are times when the internet can be a bad place where, anyone can pretend to be a different person, but then don’t we all pretend in our day to day life to make our lives better.
Internet has always been unpredictable. It brings people from different worlds close by or creates distance between people in the same room. Hypothetical world has become a reality. Today we are so attached to this web that it is next to impossible to untangle ourselves from its clutches.
We have apps for everything, what to buy, where to buy, how to buy, what to eat where to party etc. etc. We can even make crucial decisions using the information available. The saying “Love me or Hate me but you cannot ignore me” is the apt one for this world of illusion
Having said it all, I wonder if this digital world did not exist where people like you and me would express our emotions. The good and bad will always exist for the same reason triumph and misery exist. As long as the debate on this topic continues, Stay connected…….


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