As a teenager , I knew  that  I was average  at anything and everything I did. I did not possess any special talent . Never stood first in class nor won any contest at school . My Sunday ‘s would be spent in executing   3 major tasks  Eating , sleeping and watching  TV . With 2  left  feet  the only reason to attend a party would be  food. The simple philosophy of my life was simple “ Live and let live”

Few years ago my roommate gave me a  book and said open it.

To my Dear Divya,

Happy birthday , U r now 20! Welcome to the aunty’s club. I don’t know y I bought this diary 4 you but see to it that you make full use of it. Use this book only for good memories.

Lots of love


Neena was not just my roommate; she was by partner in crime, my agony aunt and a very close friend.

As a  student ,the  biggest influencers in your life are your friends. So when my Friends  thought  of attending  the biotech fest at r v college I too showed my interest in doing so.  On the day of the fest, I reached RV college  but my friends din’t.  I looked around with despair and suddenly  spotted  2 familiar faces. They were the good looking nerds of my class Sanjay and Shammodip.

Left with no choice I accompanied the boys . Half the day was spent  listening to research scientists ,  and clapping for others. By the time it was 3pm Sanjay  ran out of patience and  came up S with a brilliant idea of participating in any of the contests .

I  looked around and said I want to take  part in that competition.  Looking at my expressions  they knew they had no choice.  An hour later , Sanjay  had paint all over  his face  and The 3 of us posed for the camera.  Shammodip and I had  tried our luck with face painting and looking at the  picture that was taken that day, Sanjay decided never to come up with  ideas that would make him repent for the rest of his life. The photo and the incident was one of the first entries that went  into my  birthday gift.

Soon the college phase was over  and I  was part of a corporate world  . Here  I met different kinds of people , the creative bunch, the 9 to 6 types , the  procrastinators and  and Shruti Nambiar.

Shruti and I  has 2 things in common, our love for work and our love for each other.

On an uneventful day , a  parcel gets delivered at my office. I opened the parcel  to find   a letter and a peiry cardian pen. The letter said,

To the most craziest friend ever know to me… Divyashree Gatti,

Like you said, distance between  2 people can never determine the relation 2 friends share. We shall have the most successful long distance relationship ever existing. Hope we keep the long distant relationship strong and ever- lasting.

And yes I surely  do remember our run away plan.

With love

Nambiar .

Shruti and I never lived in a same location but this fact  did stop her from leaving  a mark in my life. This letter and the whole incident rest in my diary.

A 240 paged, spiral bounded, Chinese dragon faced diary was instrumental in teaching one of the most important lesson in my life.

Awards and recognition can give you a sense of accomplishment but it is people who make you feel special. When I glance through the pages  of my diary,   I realise  that l lead an amazing life . The experiences and the memories resting in these pages tell me you are not  definitely  Just Ordinary.