Its good to make a beginning

They say the best way to start something  new is by taking ownership  of it  and giving it your best short to  make it work. We have all have our stories of success, failure, hardships and challenges. The reason for all the everlasting  memories is because we got out of our comfort zone and tried. These very journeys have made us the person we are today.

Today I make a new beginning, as a blogger. With the hope to learn something new through the process. Through the journey I may realise how good or terrible I am but then atleast I will know that I tried. That very feeling in the future is the reason I begin this journey.

The new world  that awaits is unknown ,still it connects us to people we know or wish to know. The world which tells, you are the not the weird one out, we are all in it together .

A patform to share the wierdiest of ideas or thoughts that ponder all of us but still remain untold.  Sometimes we will agree with each other ,there will also be times of criticizism.

Cheers to all of it and  the  journey  which will be shape some wonderful memories  . Cheers to “THE NEW BEGINNING” …….