In my line of work, effective communication in all forms is imperative.  I am good at my game, however in the current times good is never enough? The “wow factor” is mandatory for  recognition and growth.

Life was going on with its normal twists and turns until the day I had an unexpected e-mail in my inbox. The mail from the Head office from the company I work for ,it stated the introduction of training sessions on weekly basis. A  facilitator will be appointed among  the team , he/she had to conduct a  session for an hour. The two challenges in doing so were:  1.The session had to take place over a phone call. 2. The preparation for the same had to be done in surplus to the 12 hrs of official work that was on my  platter .Adding to misery, the week I was assigned to be the speaker also demanded my presence for a 4 day jam packed schedule in Delhi.

A midst all the chaos I  had to deliver my best , After a few brain scratching moments I had my EUREKA moment. I prepared sub topics ( in the same manner we toastmasters prepare table topics)  and put it across in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. With only 2 hours to go before my actual presentation, I gave myself 3 mins per sub topic for preparation. When the call concluded, I received compliments from everyone who participated including the trainers who were on the call to scrutinize our presentation.

In the present corporate world u are not appreciated unless you have overshot the set expectations. I just wondered, what was the reason for the drastic improvement in me? After a details introspection the only addition in the life  was being part of toastmaster movement.The Saturday evenings I spent in Inspiron  Toastmasters club was not just an escape for the daily routine but also a volcano of exposure. Though my days of being a toastmaster have just begun, in this short span of time I have evolved in various walks of life.

This is my reason to be a loyalist to the toastmaster movement, what’s your story?